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While eating my sandwich, I thought I'd take a picture of how little you have hanging down with the Mighty Kong, just that little dip in the center.

Then into Metal Masher.

Click through for a closer look... Click through for a closer look... Just one of the great views.



Here Jason tackles the ledge.

Click through for a closer look... Click through for a closer look... Some rain falling off in the distance, but it was not a problem all week for us. 🙂

A fun obstacle we hit on Behind the rocks. Depending on the line, you could really get some air in the front end. This is a fun trail.

Click through for a closer look... Click through for a closer look...I participated in a night run of Hells Revenge. Even though the rest of the group had a good 45 minutes on me, I managed to locate them out on the trail. Trying to follow Hells Revenge at night with little more then a flash light and a guide book is not easy! I have only done this trail once before, but I must admit that it is my favorite. The group of Zuks on this run turned out to be members of the same club, Zuks of Arizona. A nice bunch of guys. I followed them as they did their best to pick out the trail. I followed the Orange Zuk (Stomper) up one very steep hill, and was surprised to see no one else coming up. About this time I discover this guy has a reputation, and they tend not to follow his lines. Doh! It was fun watching him run all over the place.

We slowly picked our way around, and found an obstacle called the Escalator. Stomper decided to head on over and give it a try. So everyone jumps out to film and spot. Long story short, he hits it with the wrong line, and does a full endo, landing on his tires. Had he gone over again, he would have fallen off a sizable ledge, and probably would have been hurt. Darn near everything came out of the Zuk including the headrests. The drivers first comments were: "Tell me you got that on video."

Click through for a closer look...His cage held up well, and the driver was fine, but the Zuk took a fair amount of damage including a crushed left front fender, a busted right rear spring, Click through for a closer look... and the shock mounts ripped out etc. So a couple of vise grips, some duct tape, and a little jack action had it back on the trail in about 45 minutes.

Here we are fixing up the front end to clear the tire, and pulling the radiator away from the fan. (He runs a Solex carb from a VW.)

Click through for a closer look...The next morning we headed off for the Suzuki sponsored run. Thanks to all the folks that set up the run, and the sponsor that handed out goodies and lunch. We did the Poison Spider Loop. I had never done the full loop, usually heading off to do Golden Spike instead. I must say this was a fun trail with lots of options, I'll have to spend a little more time up there next year checking out some of those options.

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Eddie Casanueva from Spidertrax brought out a few of their rigs. Kind of a 'before and after' in the world of tube rock buggies. The one in the middle (and right) picture is their new 'STX'. Cool!

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Click through for a closer look... This is another very nice Zuk that was well thought out, and works well too. He is kind of in mid-build here, so the rear still looks a little strange.

We did a lot more trails then I have photos for including 2 night runs. Sorry about that, we were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures.

For those of you that have not made it out to Moab yet, I can not recommend this trip enough. The wheeling is great, the Zuks are great, and you will make a bunch of new friends. I look forward to the next event even before I leave.

I'd like to thank Aaron Andrews for the loan of the vehicle and trusting me not to dent it up. I'd also like to thank Petroworks and Trail Tough for helping me out as I would not have been able to bring the Samurai out there without their assistance.

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