On The Trail!with Jeff Pollock

If you're into sandstone, ledges and hill climbs have I got a place for you, Livingston, KY. It is located at Exit 49,Oops! west of Interstate 75. This place is awesome! There are such a variety of challenges it'd take at least three days to get to them all. There are so many choices when it comes to Livingston, the river run, a muddy rut filled area along the river, the hill climb sections, slick sandstone climbs that seriously test the pucker-factor, and the rocky ledges that can make the most stable rig test it's tip-ability.

Our trek begins with six vehiclesa Wrangler YJ, two CJ-7s, and three Zooks. By the end of the day we did have breakage, unfortunately it was all Zook related. We had romped on our rigs so much we had bent our un-modified t-case arms and two of the Zooks de-arched their springs.

Enough with the boring clatter of words so I'll let the pictures  tell the story. Next time we head out that way feel free to join us!



Slime Green CJ-7 - Dave Armstrong Blue Wrangler YJ - Mike Minner White CJ-7 - Cliff Wilson



Blue HT - Rick Lance Blue Convertible - Jeff Pollock Yellow Convertible - Tim Porter

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