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On The Trail!with Rae Champoux

First Wheelin' Trip - Silver Lake

Click through for a closer look...When you are a parent, the first time your child does something becomes a huge deal. I am no exception to that. On the Saturday before Memorial Day my husband, Mitch and my father-in-law Jim took my now seventeen month old son wheeling for the first time. Click through for a closer look...They headed north out of Muskegon and didnt stop until they got to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and State Park. Some of you may be familiar with the Dunes. On holiday weekends it is packed! For those of you who are not familiar with the sand dunes, it is beautiful sugar sand as far as the eye can see, it melts right into the lake. There are trucks, quads. dirt bikes and dune buggies running all over, they pepper the sand dunes.

This three generation trip had three purposes : 1. See how Jakoby handles being in the Tracker offroad. 2. After tearing apart the rear end of the Tracker, and replacing the locker test it out . 3. Male bonding. J

Click through for a closer look...The lines are a mile long to get into the dunes on holiday weekends, but once you are aired down and in the dunes there is nothing like it. It is breath taking how beautiful it is. And you are bound to be amazed at the trucks that are there. Although it can be boring if you go too often, it is a great place to pack up and go to a few times a year. Click through for a closer look...My son had a blast, you would have thought that he was born in the truck. He spent the whole afternoon pointing at trucks and quads making his grmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm truck noise followed by the pttttttttttttttttfffffffffffffttt other truck noise you can see him making the face in this picture of him on my husband Mitchs shoulders. Click through for a closer look...He especially loved the drag track, where trucks quads an dirt bikes take turns lining up and racing each other. My father in law had a great time too, he had never been off road before with Mitch, so that marked a mile stone. He enjoyed it sooo much that is his trying to figure out how to get the mother in law to let him build a Zuk now. And he is going to come with us to the Zookimelt this year too. The Tracker held its own, though the sand was a bit sloppier than normal , so it didnt make it to the top of TEST HILL, the largest dune out there, like the old Samurai did. But it is a different truck built completely differently. I think that sealed it that Mitch is going to be putting a locker in the front now. Click through for a closer look...Normally, we are the only Suzuki/Geo owners in the sand dunes. But, Mitch and Jim, my father in law, even met up with some Suzuki owners that we had not met before. It is always fun to look over someone elses truck that you havent seen before. The guys were nice enough to let Jim snap some photos. Click through for a closer look...Being in your truck and in the trails doesnt always have to be about mud and rock and whos rig is cooler. Sometimes it can just be about wheeling and spending some good quality time with the people you love. That is how Mitch and I wheel every time we go out. I hope that that is how you do too, you are in store for so much more if you can just let go and play. J

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