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Greetings, fellow Rookies. 

I regret that I was unable to write the usual article -- an interview, some maintenance tips, and possibly a recipe for some good holiday cookies. 

Truth be told, even The Seasoned Rookie needs to step away every so often and look at the big picture. Just as many times we have to pass up a trail run for more important things, this month the article preparation (usually involving meetings with fellow staff members and legal consultants, arguments with accounting, and threats from Terrina) had to take the back burner to some other situations. 

So as I sat down to write a quick email message to Larry explaining why there would be no article, and apologizing for what I did to his piano, I realized that I had my article right here. 

There have been many events in our lives, both globally and in the garage, which have had effects of varying magnitudes. Our friend Billy Bob lost his amazing truck FUBAR in a fire, yet soon we will be welcoming yet another new member to the IZook Crew when Rae gives birth to her first born. 

In reading the message boards, it's easy to see our lives have been changing as well. Some have lost close members of their family to tragedy, sickness, or divorce while others have found love and happiness in a new life partner or helped introduce a newborn unseasoned rookie to the world. Some have hit hard times, while others have prospered, both in material and spirit. 

Sometimes, it's just not all about Zookin. There's that whole "real life" thing that goes on while we're not on the trails, spinning wrenches, snapping bolts, and skinning knuckles. 

My dear friend and Zookin' brother Ranger Rick Hall taught me a life lesson which can be summed up in three simple words which you have heard me mention before: "Life is Good." I would like you all to remember and live those words this holiday season -- When something goes incredibly great, or maybe when things are looking grim, the meaning still holds true. 

Take some time in the next few weeks to think about how not only other people in your life affect you -- but how you may influence their life to go in various directions through simple words or actions. 

Rethink your priorities -- what truly is important in the grand scheme of things? Last weekend while driving home from Chicago, a rather large SUV tried to pass me going uphill in a no-passing zone. I made a split second decision to drive off the road into the ditch when I saw  an oncoming car and realized that if I didn't make room, something very bad would happen when the Excursion hit the oncoming Celica. At the moment, I am stuck with about $2000 worth of damage to my Camry. It would have been nice if one of those parties had stopped after I flew into the cornfield on their behalf, but in the grand scheme of things everyone present made it home safely from Thanksgiving dinner that night, and that is probably something I should try to remember. After all, Life is Good.

On behalf of not only the IZook Staff, but also the team of vendors, consultants, accountants, lawyers, strippers, and bartenders who help keep me out of trouble and on the trails, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or just another snowy day in December. Many of us have met on the trails at some point or another, and I look  forward to meeting many more. 

Life is Good. 

Murph  The Seasoned Rookie 


07/24/10 08:19


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