Wrenchin' with IZookwith Jim Bova Project #2 Returns!  



Select for larger image  Project #2 is back. It really never went away just sort of took a little break. I spent the better part of the last year or so scouring the countryside for parts to do a SPOA on her. It will have a welded rear put in as well as Cj5 front springs in the rear as well as missing link shackles. During the hiatus, #2 was pressed into service as a neighborhood plow rig. I found this plow in a roadside junk pile. Together with a Harbor Freight 8000lb winch it saved my aging back this past winter.         These are the parts that took about a year to get together. Missing from the picture are the Cj5 front springs.      Select for larger image   These are the homemade relocation brackets I made from 3/16 stock.      Select for larger image   I put the rig up on jack stands and decided to go with a smaller, lighter tire to make moving things around easier      Select for larger image   Another view of the patient waiting for the operation. Notice the orange hose in the picture. Air tools!! Thanks to Ct Brent for the compressor.       Select for larger image   The welded rear, thanks Randy, and the new rear housing with the perches already welded on, thanks Glenn, waiting for the springs.       Select for larger image   Here is the whole spring under rear slid out in one piece. If you can't get the shackle bolts off break out the sawzall.


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