Another iZook Product ReviewSafari Top from Hawk Strictly Suzukiwith Bill Johnston

Ever wanted to rip out the back windows of your soft top and let the breeze come through? I don't mean just rolling them up, but actually getting rid of them? Zooksters have been doing this for years by cutting up an old top and trashing the cracked or clouded plastic panels. The problem is the end product really lacked in the 'looks' department. 

Rick Hawkins, through an exclusive deal with a leading aftermarket top manufacturer, can now supply you with a new 'Safari' style top. Through Hawk Strictly Suzuki (the ONLY authorized dealer of this model), we arranged to bring it to you just in time for spring.

Click through for a better look...Click through for a better look...Installing the top is a no-brainer... snap the snaps in front, secure the front 'lip' in the windshield channel and then tie down the back using the stock top bow for support. Pretty simple when it fits right. Unlike other tops that use a strap, the sides (above the front door openings) have a large flap that folds under and secures inside with velcro. This makes for a more effective seal against the elements. The rear has snaps to keep the bow in place. The center snap holds the bow in place while you secure the straps. The glove-like fit of the top holds the bow in place after that. While the top comes complete with new footman loops to secure the straps, you can use the stock strap loops just fine.  Click through for a better look...Click through for a better look...The Safari top looks great and follows the contour of the vehicle as it was meant to be. It is available in six different colors, so chances are good that you will find one to compliment your paint color. How did they get such a stock look?

{Direct quote from Hawk Strictly Suzuki} "This top was originally manufactured for Suzuki America by Whitco. When Whitco went of out business in the early 90's we purchased all of their Safari and Bikini tops that they had in stock, about 500 total. Over the years we finally sold out all of their Safari tops, so now we are having them manufactured for us exclusively by STC."

Click through for a better look...Click through for a better look...If you think there will be a chance of rain, the STC (old Kayline) rear curtain and tonneau cover fit perfectly under it. Rick supplied the tonneau cover to compliment the look of the Safari top and it worked very well. You must make adjustments to the tonneau cover to run the stock top bow, but it will fit.  Click through for a better look...Click through for a better look...For those of you that have put in a roll/sport cage and ditched the stock top bow - no problem. The Safari top fit perfectly over this aftermarket cage. It actually looked like it was made for it. We made a couple of small adjustments to the rear corners of the tonneau cover so that it would fit around the rear section of the cage, but the addition of the footman loops provided with the top it made a very clean installation. Only Source:

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