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Note: Superchargers have very close operating tolerances between the rotors and the rotor housing. Any foreign object introduced through the carburetor flange opening can cause serious damage to the internal components.

This project took about 8 hours from start to finish.


  Clean the face of the crankshaft drive pulley of all grease and foreign matter. Install the supercharger crank pulley and secure it with four M6 x 30mm bolts with inch lock washers. Torque to 18 ft-lbs.   Install the engine oil pan and seal with silicone gasket material. This would also be a good time to change the oil filter. Fill the engine with oil.   Remove the oil pressure sending unit from the lower left of the block just above the oil filter. Install the 1/8 NPT adapter. It may be necessary to re-tap the hole in the block to 1/8-27 NPT for proper thread engagement. If this operation is required coat the tap with grease to catch as much metal as possible. Clean the port thoroughly. Install the 1/8 NPT street tee into the adapter. The side port of the tee should point forward after it is fully tightened. Reinstall the oil pressure sending unit and tighten securely.   Install the 1/8 NPT end of the 36 inch flexible oil pressure line to the forward pointing side of the pipe tee. Route the oil line over the top of the engine next to the cam belt cover. Secure the hose to the block at two locations using the straps provided. Continue the line over the alternator.   Replace the fan mounting studs in the water pump hub with the four M6 x 37.5 studs.   Install the original water temperature sending unit into he threaded hole on the underside of the manifold beneath the thermostat opening. Install the thermostat and thermostat housing adapter onto the inlet manifold using the supplied gasket. Secure with two M8 x 40 bolts, 5/16 flat washers, and 5/16 split washers. Install the original thermostat housing to the adapter with its original bolts, using the supplied gasket. Install the heater hose fitting into the rear of the manifold.   Install the intake manifold using a new inlet manifold gasket and the original bolts except the most forward upper location. Here use the M8 x 80 bolt, flat washer and lock washer supplied in the kit. Tighten to factory specifications.   Reconnect the electrical connector to the temperature sending unit.   If a boost gauge is to be used, install the tubing fitting into the 1/8 NPT port at the top rear of the manifold. Plug this port if a vacuum/boost gauge is not installed. Install the 1/8 NAT x 3/16 straight hose fitting in the tapped hole in the side of the rear manifold runner. This will be for the vacuum advance.   Cut the ?S? shaped heater hose in the middle and use the inch union to extend the hose to reach outlet on the rear of the manifold. Use hose clamps supplied along with originals.   Install the ?O? ring in the grove around the intake port of the manifold. A light coating of Permatex #3 or other tacky gasket cement will assure that the ?O? ring stays in place during assembly.   Remove the protective tape from the bottom port of the supercharger. Make certain that the gasket surface is clean. Install four 3/8-16 x 5 bolts and flat washers into the counter-bored holes at the front and rear of the supercharger. Note: Apply thread sealant to the bolts to prevent coolant leakage. Gradually tighten the mounting bolts to a final torque of 18 ft-lbs. Check for smooth turning of the supercharger pulley. Any binding may indicate that the manifold surface has warped or that foreign material has become lodged between the supercharger and manifold.   Install the inch flare-nut end-fitting of the oil pressure line into the tee fitting at the lower front end of the supercharger.   Install the 3/8 i.d. x 9 inch flexible oil drain hose between the hose fitting at the bottom of the blower and the oil return fitting on the oil pan. Clamp each end of the hose securely using the supplied clamps.   Install the carburetor adapter to the blower using four -20 x 1 inch bolts with inch flat and split washers. Both types of washers must be placed under the heads of the of the carburetor adapter bolts in order to prevent damage to the supercharger rotors. Install the four 5/16 carburetor studs into the carburetor adapter. Install the NPT x 3/8 straight hose into the side port of the adapter. Install the power brake hose on this fitting. Install the PVC in the port of the carburetor adapter. The front port on the adapter is for an additional vacuum source if needed. If not needed, plug this port.   Install the carburetor gasket and carburetor using four 5/16-24 nuts. tighten nuts uniformly. Install the fuel line.   Install the fan, fan shroud, and radiator using the fan spacer provided. Some trimming of the shroud and the fan blade tips will be required to clear the supercharger drive pulley.   Install the top and bottom radiator hoses. Clamp each end securely.   Fill the cooling system and check for leaks.   Hook up the throttle linkage.   Reconnect the battery. Install accessory V-belts and tension according to factory specifications.   Start engine and adjust the carburetor for a smooth fast idle. Allow the engine to run for about 15 minutes to ensure that lubricating oil has circulated through the supercharger. Check for oil and coolant leaks.   Shut the engine off. Install the supercharger drive belt and adjust the tension with the idler pulley contacting the slack (bottom) strand of the belt. Visually line up the idler pulley so that it is centered on the belt. Verify that a clearance of at least 1/32 inch exists between the idler arm and the back of the pulley. The belt is tensioned properly when a 20 pound force applied mid-span on the tension strand of the belt results in a deflection of inch.   Start the engine. Readjust the carburetor for the correct idle speed. Check the supercharger drive pulleys and belt to make certain that they are running true and there is no visible wobble.   Install a suitable air-cleaner and secure any loose wires or hoses to tidy up the now competed installation.

--Larry Harris


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