Featured Zook Godzuki 2 (2000-2003)


With all of the aftermarket companies developing new products for the Sidekicks, Im starting to think that I will never be satisfied with any level of modification on Godzuki. When I wrote the original Godzuki article I thought that I had the ultimate set up on a Kick. I had just finished installing my 4:1 ,adding a front locker and everything was great.

Then Calmini came out with their 3" Super Articulation Kit. After having many years of dependable trail performance on their 2" Lift, I had to have one. Once I had the new 3" suspension installed, I was happy once again. More clearance, better wheel travel and 33s with no tire rub, what could be better?Once again I was wrong. The increased wheel travel and better ground clearance was allowing me to walk up trails that I previously had trouble with and leading me to trails that I had not even considered before. This quickly developed into many broken half shafts and a few broken rear axle shafts. After doing some internet research, I found out that it was only a matter of time until I broke the mounting bracket off of my front aluminum diff. That led me on the search for a stronger axle set up for my Kick. I decided to start with upgrading the front axle housings. I recently installed a Calmini Anvil and a steel Grand Vitara XL-7 third member. The Anvil is a custom built steel housing that replaces the weak passenger side half shaft with an inner stub shaft and a outer drivers side half shaft. This eliminates the weak inner spline section on the passenger side half shaft and allows for easier trail fixes if you break a shaft. Since it uses the same half shaft on both sides, you only have to carry one spare and it will make it easier to determine a stronger half shaft set up. While I was doing the upgrade to the front axle I went on and installed 5.83:1 Ring and pinions from Calmini and did a few rear axle modifications.

Over the next few months I will bring you details on some of my modifications to Godzuki and trail test reports on how well the modifications perform.


08/11/10 14:09


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