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Gettin' your Kicks at the ZookiMelt  

With the popularity of the Sidekicks & Trackers increasing, so does the number in attendance at the Melt. If you are a rookie looking for some mild trails and some good ideas to get your project started, or a seasoned veteran just looking for another good excuse to dump a little more time and money into your Kick, the ZookiMelt is the place to be.

Click through for a closer look...The 2001 ZookiMelt was the first Suzuki based event I had ever attended. I fully expected to be the only Sidekick on the trail (like every other ride I had been on). To my surprise there were 10 Kicks and Trackers. I spent most of my time at camp checking out all of the different modifications and planning my next trip to the garage.

Each year since, the Sidekick/Tracker attendance has been increasing. This year  we had around  20 Sidekicks in attendance at the melt, ranging from bone stock to highly modified. With the modified rigs ranging from bolt-on vendor kits from Rocky Road Outfitters and Calmini, to radically custom built rigs and even a prototype solid axle conversion lift from Calmini. I would like to give a special THANKS to the members of RPM4x4  from Apple Valley Farms, MN. Not only did they bring the largest number of Kicks/Trackers to the melt, they put on a show every where they went. This club runs just about just about every vendor supplied set up made and some have even combined the kits from different vendors to achieve the performance level they desire.  I had the privilege of hanging out with the RPM crew and even talked them into taking the time to send us some pics and vehicle information to share with you.

RPM4x4's Rides

Click through for specs... Mike Click through for specs... ChunkClick through for specs... Dale   


Zeb (sorry no pics)

There were many other Kick, Trackers and even Glen Wakefield's X-90s in attendance, that I was unable to get any information about. But was able to sneak a few pics;

Click through for a closer look...

Additional Pics

If you are in the market for a Kick or already the proud owner of one, you must attend the ZookiMelt next year and check out all of the rigs. You can build these little rides into a great trail rig (just try to follow the RPM4x4 crew around for a day).



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