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Back to work! That is what Larry keeps telling me. I guess if we are to ever finish this project I must. We took December off for the holidays to spend time with the children and grandchildren. Just a short recap, we are still taking things off the truck. I never knew there were so many darn nuts and bolts on this thing. The suspension is gone and we just discovered while pulling it out that on the roll over we blew the transfer case apart so now that has to come out. The front output shaft and front drive shaft were being held in place by the skid plate. Oh yea I had to take that off too. Not complaining but this is turning out  to a lot more work then I ever thought possible. Thought Larry always went out to the garage just to escape. Must have been he was really working out there?

Terrina Harris AKA The Admiral!

  On to the February update. Started to test fit a few pieces, got tired of pulling things off all the time. Started with the Trail Tough YJ kit. Real straight forward kit, good instructions. Went to mount the rear frame springs hanger and found the old nurf bar was mounted exactly where it needs to be. Interference number one. So I moved to the rear shackle to put it on. After all  you have to do is bolt it on? Wrong the swing away bumper and the shackle hit. I asked, does this happen all the time? He shakes his head and tells me yep! Every time we change or add something from different vendors we run into challenges. Interference number two. Heck with this, I am tired of taking stuff off and not being able to install something. Lets try the new aluminum dash from Petroworks. OMG, how did they get all them screws and wire in there?

We get the old dash off and start to set the new one in place. You have to be kidding me! Interference number three. Larry just laughs and tells me no it is a custom piece and it fits like a glove. Both sides at the bolt holes it is snug and aligns perfectly. Looks like a factory piece once we get to set in place We did end up moving the factory ignition and the steering wheel surround needs to be modified. Easy stuff he tells me and well worth any modification to get it installed. Can't wait for the new VDO gauges to be installed.

Been an interesting month looks like we are going to start installing parts instead of taking them off all the time. About time! Some new things have come to life since we started. I am now told that the interior is getting more upgrades then the aluminum dash. Larry was talking to Tom Kingston of Spidertrax. They are coming out with a new seat and seat installation kit. Oh! Better seats honey can we buy them?  Right after that bit of information he tells me he is going to install fuel injection. Tired of fighting the Weber stall. So it is honey can I buy the MegaSquirt kit and build it? Oh by the way I will need to buy parts from Hawk. They have the throttle body, injectors, and fuel rail I need. Does it never end?


Started with the easy screws first. 4 at each end.

3 on top.

And more in the glove box.

Almost forgot the ashtray. Access panel under the wheel And it is out of here!

Old school nerf bar is in the way.

Perfect fit!

Aftermarket bumper does not allow the shackle to come to rest in the proper location.


We are going to be installing the custom dash panel that comes with the dash from Petroworks. The stock gauges will be replaced with a set of VDO's.

In order to make this work we had to modify the stock wiring harness. Don't be scared, just cut the ends off.

Make sure you have a plan before you cut anything. Here Larry has drawn a full pictorial of the new gauge wiring.

Cut the factory plugs off.

Label all the wire according to the diagram. You did make one?

Install the new connector.




Aftermarket4x4.com: 94 Tracker Rear Ring and Pinion

The Admirals Arsenal:

New Aluminum Dash
Interior Panel Kit
ARB Air Locker
Front and Rear

Front Bumper
(877) 474-7625]]>
Samurai Salvage:
90 Tracker
Ring and Pinion



(877)-789-8547 YJ Lift Kit Hybrid Rear Axle (800)286-0898 OEM Front Axle Repair Kit New Seats and Install Kit   Zuki Creations

Starter Fix Kit Doorless Straps Kit

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