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Slickrock Southern Style

Cliffhanger Trail

Thursday we chose the Cliffhanger trail led by Jeff Stevens. Jeff has it pretty tough since he lives in Moab and has to ride these trails all the time. Right off the road you hit the first challenge, a set of downhill ledges. Nothing to serious but you know from that point on it's going to be a fun ride. This trail is not too difficult, rated a 4, but it has plenty to keep you on you toes. We stopped and played at an optional ledge and then headed on up the trail. Lots of ledges and off cambers on this trail. We finally reached the most difficult obstacle on the trail. A large ledge that you had to drop off of that is right along the edge of a major cliff. I now realized where the trail got its name! No room for error here. Everyone made it down the ledge without mishap, then it dawns on us that Jeff had told us that this was a in and out trail. We had to look forward to climbing back up that ledge! The trail wound up to the top of the mesa for one heck of a view! We ate lunch and headed back out the same way we had came in. It was really scary climbing up the ledge knowing that one slip up would put you over the edge for the long drop down to the valley floor. Everyone made it without mishap but all will remember that spot! All and all Cliffhanger was a great trail with some beautiful scenery and plenty of hard stuff to keep you grinning from ear to ear.


Click for Larger ImageThursday night was the ASA Dinner and Raffle. Jon, Dewey and Vern worked real hard to put the evening together and did a great job! After getting full on some of the best chile dogs I?ve ever had it was time for the raffle. Prizes were donated by Calmini, Petroworks, Summit Off Road, ARB, Pro-Comp, Zuki South, Fish Bait, Spidertrax and even Suzuki Corp. It was a great time for all with lots of winners and even an update from Tim Lund from ARB on the release the new air locker for the Samurai due out this summer. Things wrapped up after the raffle and everyone headed to bed to rest up from the days events.

Friday was the day of departure for us and many others. After breaking camp weClick for Larger Image headed over to the Vendor Show and had a great time chatting with all the folks that have helped drain my bank account! Lots of great products were on display and it was great talking with Gary from Petroworks plus Steve and Eddie from Calmini. As we were leaving Moab it started snowing and by the time we made it 50 miles up the road, we had to shift to four-wheel drive! What a trip, sun, fun, wheeling, Zuking, fellowship and more. I can?t wait till next year.


Team Zuki

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