with Larry Harris

When I modified my front suspension it was clear that I needed help in the front shock area. Mine were to short and they limited axle travel. I found a set of long travel shocks but was dismayed when I could not find a long mounting tower system for them that would utilize the new shocks  full potential. 

Timing is everything, We posted an article in our technical section that shows the installation of the Rocky Road Extend Front Shock Mounts. An E-mail later and they were on the way. This kit is bolt on, the installation can be accomplished with a minimal set of hand tools. The kit includes sleeves that are used between the mounting plate and the opposing frame half. This insures the frame will not collapse when you tighten down the through bolts. I have had them on now for about six months through some extreme off road conditions and they have preformed flawlessly. 
Please visit the installation article.

Photo courtesy of Figmo

08/11/10 14:55