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An IZook Product Review

Rocky Road Front To Rear Spring Kit
with Larry Harris

One of the best kept off roader secrets is about to be let out of the bag! "Longer is better". Want more articulation with out digging deep in to your pockets? Want a better ride? Want bolt on?

It really is not a secret that bolting on longer springs will give you two of the three above. By reusing stock rears you will achieve all three goals.  This also has another distant advantage, it can be used in either a spring over or a spring under configuration. Did we mention it is bolt on and can be done by anyone with a little mechanical skill and a basic set of hand tools?

This kit is extremely easy to install! I have removed the axles and all obstructions so you can see the kit going in. This is not necessary for your application.


Hold the new side plates on the frame. Here I used a clamp and a bolt in the original spring mounting location. Mark the holes with a punch. This will make the next step a lot easier. You will be drilling through both plates, make sure the holes are parallel. Two new holes are required.

After marking with the punch drill to the size in plates. It is best to remove the plates from the frame prior to drilling. It is important for the holes to be parallel, using a friend to site the drill can be helpful.

When the spring is installed you will have three bolts in each spring hanger.

This kit comes with a handy adaptor to mount the rear springs to the front of the Samurai. The rears are longer and will require some modification to the mounting pin location. The Rocky Road kit will place the axle close to the stock location.

I opted to give drilling the springs a try. I have heard the horror stories about drilling the tough spring steel of our stock springs. Wanting to see if it was true I tired it. If you have the right tools and some time this is not as bad as many believe. Use a cobalt drill bit, slow drill speeds and lots of coolant. I was very surprised to see just how easy it was! In a very few moments I had both sides done and ready to bolt in.

No drill press or access to a tool room for a cobalt drill? The adapter that comes with the kit will serve you very well, it is very easy to install. This kit has great quality and instructions. The Front to Rear Spring Kit has passed the tough trail test at the ZookiMelt and is highly recommend.

This kit is available through Rocky-Road Outfitters.


Rocky Road Outfitters

08/11/10 14:55