IZook ReviewRocky Road Outfitters Rear Driveshaft
with Larry Harris

I am playing in the Silver Lake Dunes State Park, wheeling along and it happens. Bang! from the rear of the truck, damn there goes that "U" joint again. Low gears, modified transfer case, big tires, you can see where this is going. Every time I modify something on my truck I find the next component in line that is going to break. This time was no exception. If I was smarter I would have called Glenn at Rocky-Road before the disaster.

The good news is they now have a very heavy duty rear drive shaft available. Now this is a drive shaft! Less then a week and it is at my door, thanks UPS.
Changing a drive shaft is pretty straight forward but please be sure to follow good shop practices. Block the tires. It would be nice if you are around to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  In the beginning. Old stock shaft with a spacer.
  No I did not hammer it out, I did unbolt it first. Note the comparison between the old and the new.
  New Rocky Road Outfitters Rear Drive Shaft. This will bolt right on to your old style flanges (Small Pattern).
  This is it, all bolted in with new grade 8 hardware and lock tight on all the bolts.

This is a very well made piece. It is not your run of the mill back yard shafts. It is constructed of quality heavy duty material. It is balanced and ready to bolt on to your truck. Before you hit the trail be sure to grease the slip joint and the "U" joints.

Bottom line... Add it to your must have items!

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08/11/10 14:54