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Photograph courtesy of RockNob
Orem UT.

  Looking for a way to dress up the interior a bit, or are you looking for the perfect gift for that hard to please person. iZook has found a fun solution! While shopping the Rocky Road web site we found a link to the RockNob. It is for vehicles that have a threaded gearshift knob. Each RockNob is hand-crafted and made from 100% natural river rock found in the mountains and deserts of the west.  Carved into every RockNob is a unique lizard petroglyph, you will only find this on an authentic RockNob. The kit comes with a thread adaptor kit and you will find it fits many applications.
The hardest part of the installation is getting the old shifter knob off. I used a large set of channel locks to get mine off. Suzuki likes to use "Suzuki Bond" on everything, the shifter is no exception. We have included the installation instruction so you may see just how easy this kit is to install.  

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Photograph courtesy of RockNob, Orem UT.

Installation Instructions:
  • Remove your old shifter knob.
  • Thread the hex locknut from the thread adaptor kit onto the threaded portion of your shifter shaft as far as it can go.
  • Slide the washer from the thread adaptor kit onto the shift lever.
  • Thread the adaptor from the thread adaptor kit in to the master insert on your RockNob. Use the pad of your finger to screw the master insert until the top of the adaptor is even with, or just below the lip of the master insert. (Watch for sharp edges on the adaptor).
  • Thread the RockNob (now containing the adaptor) onto the threaded portion of your shift lever until it will not turn any more.
  • Unscrew the RockNob a bit until it is in a comfortable position.
  • Tighten up the lock nut until the washer is tight against the lip of the master insert. Tighten with a wrench to lock your RockNob in place.


Available in many sizes, types and shapes sure to fit your needs.  

Photograph courtesy of RockNob, Orem UT.Photograph courtesy of RockNob, Orem UT.Photograph courtesy of RockNob, Orem UT.


Photograph courtesy of RockNob, Orem UT.

Give Rocky Road Outfitters the color of your vehicle's interior and they can select a RockNob for you, or you can choose a "color preference" to help them out. If you are not fully satisfied with the color of the product you receive, they will work with you to get just the right  RockNob for your tastes.

To ensure the best fit of your RockNob, Rocky Road Outfitters does not use any "universal" or "self-threading" systems sometimes found on lower quality gear-shift knobs. They want your RockNob to fit your stick exactly. If you do not know the size and pitch of the thread on your shifter, they can look it up for you with the vehicle type, model, and year. Works for threaded transmission shifters as well as most transfer case shifters.
Source: Rocky Road Outfitters
Phone: 888-801-7271
Price as of 10/01: $32.50

08/11/10 14:54