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Wrenchin' with IZook
with Larry Harris

JackGuard Installation

This is a new product we at iZook found just before the 2001 ZookiMelt. It is one of those sure wish I would have found this years ago type products! Of course you do not think of it until you are backside deep in mud while pulling out your trusty and now rusty High-Lift-Jack off the bumper. How many of us have been in this predicament?

You are heading down the trail you find a what you believe to be a small water hole. Off you go to explore, oops to late the whole front end is under water. Not a problem the High-Lift will get us out. Un-bolt it, place it on the strap and try to jack away. No go, the pins are rusted in place!

Not to worry we do not need a tug yet. The Polymer Products Company JackGuard will help stop this little horror story from unfolding. The product  is appropriately called the "JackGuard". This  is a product that you can use to store your high lift warm and snug away from the nastiest elements. You will be able to pack it away knowing it will be ready for use the next time you are in that Samurai eating hole.

This kit is very easy to install the instructions are very complete. It can be installed with a drill and basic hand tools. Please follow along as I install my JackGuard on my Calmini Rear Swing Away Bumper. My good friend Jim Mazzola just happened to be over for the day when I was getting ready to mount my kit. It does not take two people but it sure is a lot more fun. We set the JackGuard in place marked the location of the two mounting brackets and off the bumper came. Jim has a great fabrication shop and was kind enough to make the custom brackets for me. These brackets will not be required for most installations. Any place you have the length of a 48" high lift you can mount this kit.

Jim and several friends helped me install it at the ZookiMelt. It is a bolt on kit that will bring me years of use and a  piece of mind knowing the High-Lift will be ready to go when needed!

Select for larger image   Back view of the brackets that mount the kit to my Calmini Rear Swing Away.
Select for larger image   This bracket keeps my spare tire from bouncing and tearing away.
Select for larger image   I can guarantee the brackets built by Jim Mazzola  and JackGuard will never break! They are trail tested at the Zookimelt.
Select for larger image   Day one at the Zookimelt. Mounting the left bracket. All hardware can be ordered with the kit.
Select for larger image   It can be done by one person, but two gives you some one to gofor ;-)
Select for larger image   This kit almost bolts itself on.
Select for larger image   Backside view of the JackGuard bracket bolted on the bumper.
Select for larger image   Slip in the JackGuard. Fasten the left clamp.
Select for larger image   Admire your work.
Select for larger image   Take a nap... But do not forget to put the High-Lift in before the trail.

This is a great product. If you have a High-Lift  it is an item you do not want to go without. The JackGuard can save a lot of aggravation by keeping your equipment in good working condition. The case is molded of polyethylene which, is a very long wear plastic. The handle is generously proportioned  for gloves. The end panel flips down which has a recess to snap in pliers and an adjustable wrench. Also available are stainless steel mounting brackets and other accessories.


Check these features;

 Full 2 year warranty
 Tool storage in end panel
 Room for extra gloves, rags etc. inside the case
 Designed so that jack can never sit in water
 Available extension for 60 jack
 Quick release stainless steel mounting straps available
 Carrying handle balanced and large enough for use with heavy gloves
 Made of polyethylene to withstand heat and cold
 Lockable
 End clamp can remain on jack if moved down approx. 6 holes

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