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How to Modify (a) Suzuki 4x4 for Serious Off-Road Action
A Book Review by Bill Johnston

Click through for a closer look...Written by John Richardson
128 pages
263 photos and diagrams
Veloce Publishing
ISBN 1-904788-91-2

John Richardson takes us through an excellent history lesson that few Zook aficionados know about. While taking the reader from the little known Hope Star ON360 through the LJ's, SJ's, Samurai, Jimny, Vitara and on into the Grand Vitara, the writer has done a fine job of putting photos with text to explain where the roots lie.

You can tell it has been written from a UK standpoint, but aside from a few English terms, it is a good basic introduction to vehicle components as well as a glossary of commonly used terms. The chapters are full of pictures to show what is out there. You will recognize many of those parts as many of them came from familiar manufacturers such as Spidertrax and Calmini.

Under General Modifications, the author takes us through many of the common upgrades, including clutch, locker, shackles, disc brakes, removable doors, skids, snorkels, and many more...  Suzuki vehicles have had both leaf sprung and coil sprung suspensions over the years, The author takes us though both suspension systems with a full chapter devoted to each. But this is not just for the shade tree mechanic, it also has a section on basic off-road driving skills and situations. For those folks new to Zooks, there is also a good section on what skills will be helpful and what tools and equipment can make the upgrades easier.

The Useful Contacts section has a sprinkling of contact information for lots of parts, kits and clubs. Even a web E-Zine or two... I was pleasantly surprised to see listed.

Bottom line, check it out - you will enjoy it.


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