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Ideal Heated Knife
By Jeff Pollock

Have you ever found a tire you like but you felt it needed a few more grooves?  Now you can have it the way you want it.  The Ideal Heated KnifeIdeals Heated Knives are the answer to this question.  Tire lugs can be modified however you want with this great tool.  The blades are basically the tire cutters and the handle assembly is the heating element.  Another ideal point of this heated knife is the cost, which is less than $80.   

Click for a larger view...Luckily I was able to get one of these knives so I could begin to improve my tires.  The tires slated for improvement were 35x16x15 Boggers that supposedly have a reputation of having poor side hilling characteristics.   This was my chance to eliminate this concern whether it is warranted or not.  Furthermore I wanted to create a few more lugs to help grip the jagged rocks. 

Personal Protective Equipment Recommended:

Leather gloves with long cuffs - to reduce the potential burn and cut hazards.


Steps for use:        

1.  Insert the head (cutting assembly tip) into the heating element assembly. 

Click for a larger view...2.  Insert the blade onto the head and tighten.

3.    Plug in the assembly and remember not to hang the knife with the blade downward or the handle could melt due to the heat generated by the heating element.  The assembly should hang by the nose to avoid this potential problem.

4.  Let the knife heat for 20-30 minutes before use.

Click for a larger view...5.  Place the head onto the lug to soften the rubber before pushing the blade to begin the cut.

6.  With slow and steady pressure push the knife through the lug making your cut.  By doing it this way you will have more consistent depth control through the lug. 

  Click for a larger view...      Click for a larger view...

7.  Repeat the steps as necessary.


Click for a larger view...Things I learned:

1.  Ensure the knife is properly heated before making the cut or it will require extra effort plus the blade will bend and possibly break.

2.  Take your time.

Click for a larger view...3.  The standard blades that come with the knife are weak and flimsy (.018 x 1/8 thick) so purchase some Super blades (.031 x ) to make cutting a breeze.

4.  The deeper the cut the better it is to let the assembly heat a little longer.



Where can I get one of these?


Ideal Heated Knives
P.O. Box 187
New Hudson, MI  48165-0187
(248) 437-1510

I recommend calling them for a brochure before making your purchase to ensure you get the heated knife style you want.

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