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1.6L 16 Valve Headers

The 1.6L 16 valve engine is becoming a very popular engine swap as our 1.3L engines die a slow smoky death. Once again the shops that keep these ageing trucks on the road and in factory and aftermarket parts have stepped up to make sure we have a choice! As of this writing the 1.6L EPA certified header from Thorley is available for 1998 and older trucks. Most of the aftermarket suppliers have this item in stock and ready to ship, give them a call.

We do have some additional information that is not widely known. Gary Munck (Petroworks) was instrumental in bringing Thorley into the market for this header. Gary took his own vehicle to them and left it on site for the design and EPA approval of the 1998 and older version. He also mocked up the truck for frame clearance issues for the 1.6 16V engine swap.
Now for news on the 1998 and newer version. Glenn Wakefield (Rocky Road Outfitters) has been working with Thorley to produce and have certified a header for the newer trucks. At last word Glenn is still looking for someone with a 1998 Tracker to get the new header certified.

Click through for a closer look...I received this information from one of Rick Hawkens (Hawk Suzuki) competitors. If you need a header and do not have to have it EPA certified then take a look at the one from Hawk! It is a work of art. Well designed and the quality is amazing.

All of these great vendors and be reached through our website.


08/23/10 14:14:20