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by: Brent Layton
with: Jim Bova
picture enhanced by: Daxe Rexford

Hand Throttle

The simplest mod in the universe. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Saw a thread on one of the Toyota boards and liked the idea. I went and rummaged through an old shoe box I had full of bike parts to see what I could find. I decided to hook it up to the gas pedal instead of the carb so the cables don't get in each others way.

In about 5 minutes I came up with enough parts to make my own hand throttle setup. The whole gig took me under 45 minutes and included the time searching for the "lost" drill bit case.
Drill (sized to the cable stop adjuster)
Linesman Pliers
Qty 2) 10 mm Wrenches
Front brake cable jacket long enough to go from the shifter to the gas pedal. 
Rear Mountain bike length cable.
A lever and small piece of rubber hose.
An extra cable adjuster from another brake lever
Qty 2) 8 mm washers
1 washer to fit snug around the cable adjuster.
A cable end- to keep the cable from fraying
The lever can be from any bicycle. I used a piece of rubber to take up some of the space between the lever clamp and the shifter shaft.

I ran the cable from the "knee bar" under the dash. There is already a hole there and it lined up fairly well with the gas pedal. It may need to be enlarged a little to fit whichever adjuster you are using. I used the cable adjuster as a cable stop and put the stopper nut on the other side. I really didn't need the nut because the fit was snug but I had the nut and decided to use it. I put a washer on it to take up some of the room so it had more than just the dash bar's steel securing it.

Next I took off the 10mm nut from the gas pedal stop. I then put the steel cable through the center of the first washer and pressed it on to the bolt. This will make sure that the cable will not slip. The washer has just enough room to fit the bolt and the cable through it. I then put the next washer on the sandwich the cable between the two washers and pulled it tight. It will not slip, EVER, as long as the nut is kept tight. You will see what I mean if you decide to run it this way. Then put the 10mm nut back on keeping the line tight. Finally I cut the line to the correct length and put on the cable end to keep it from fraying.

Using the piece of rubber hose between the clamp I tightened it up and walaa. I took it out around town for a test drive using the hand throttle and it is just as responsive as the gas pedal. I did however need to bend the handle a little to get full rpm.


08/11/10 14:45