ARB Air Locker
with Larry Harris



ARB Air LockerThe long anticipated Air Locker is now available. ARB has recently released the production model for the Suzuki Samurai. This unit has been tested around the world in some of the toughest conditions imaginable.  I have had mine installed for over two months and can tell you it was worth the wait and it is well built! 

With the new Air Locker you can lock and unlock your differentials from in the cab. We no longer have to deal with the tight twisty trails with the front axle locked, or the wet, slippery highways with rear locked. We now have a new option, just hit a rocker switch on the dashboard and your differentials are locked or unlocked as you desire. 

Bottom Line: This is a must have item! If you have a daily driver that also sees duty on the tough trails this is your answer. The quality of the ARB Air Locker is unbelievable and it will make driving on the road feel like stock again. But at the touch of a button you are locked and ready to tackle the toughest challenges you can image. This product is definitely locking in a new standard!  For the complete story please visit the installation article by following this link.

ARB USA 1-206-264-1669

08/11/10 14:56