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ZookiMelt 2004Essay Contestwith Rae Champoux

Mary and Jim ZalipskiIm not sure how this wonderful couple happened upon or the little gathering we call ZookiMelt, but we are sure glad that Jim and Mary Zalipski have found their way into the fold. They have attended for four years now. I met Mary four years ago while waiting for the showers at the campground. She is truly a gem. We ended up on the trails with them later that day. The two of them were driving a bone stock Tracker. They are still wheeling the same Tracker and it is still bone stock. They are a great couple! They have helped out a ton over the years with cooking and what not. Mary was kind enough to provide me with some malty refreshments this year while the raffle was going on. I am forever in her debt.  

Id like to thank Jim and Mary again for all they do year after year to make this a fun time not only for themselves but the rest of us as well. If you have the pleasure of meeting them I am sure you will feel the same way that the rest of the staff does about these two!   Click Through...Click Through...This year, Mary and Jim won a few things at the raffle that they can not use. Since they are the proud owners of a Tracker, the Quick Release Door Straps and the Clicky Starter Fix kit that were donated by Zuki Creations just wouldnt do them any good. Being the kind people they are, they offered the items up to be given away by Thats right! Send me a letter telling me in fifty words more or less why you really need these items and I will pick a winner and send you out the part! It is just that easy! So rattle off a letter and send it to me here at iZook. You can reach me by emailing me at or Deadline is the 15th of October, so come on and send me a letter, and you could be a winner.

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