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ZookiMelt 2001... A Photo Review

Photos and story by: Bob "Killer Bee" Norman

I took a *LOT* of photos last year at ZookiMelt 2001., and I do mean a LOT. Most of the interesting photos will simply reside in a pile next to the computer desk, or get worn and tattered before being shared with those that can really appreciate, reminisce, and chuckle about them. I had planned on putting together a calendar with the best ZM01 images, but the high costs of making a small run of an item like that made the calendar idea die on the vine. That was a shame. It now opens up the opportunity to share these "fun photos" with everybody and will have the whole set available for viewing and printing at ZookiMelt 2002. 

So... on with the show.... Click on the pics, they all expand except for one...


Billy Bob goes BAM!

You know you're in for a good weekend when these are the first memories from the weekend. Billy Bob's southern striped melon Both are courtesy Louis T. Scherer (we all know him as Billy Bob) Front end explosion, colorful and most interesting "Do", and some of the best darn grilling around.

Click for Zoom in....

Somebody's dog on the north loop of "Pink" had as much fun in the mud as most of the Zookin' Loonies.

The difference between first and second is.... Everybody who's been to any of the ZookiMelts Knows Tim Porter and his creations. An intellectual moment Tim took the honor as "Mr. Limp" this past year by the slightest of margins... click on the pic on the left to see the difference between first and second place. On the right is what Tim normally looks like around a camera (just kidding Tim!!!)

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