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ZookiMelt 2001... A Photo Review

Photos and story by: Bob "Killer Bee" Norman

Now ,finally just some random trail pics to end with...

Jeff Pollock doing his best "Where's Waldo" gig.

"Panel Pivoting" around a tree on orange. Dig the groovy tractor tires!!

Who says Trackers can't wheel? They're cutting through under the rock wall on Pink.

Jeff Pollock again, peeking over the ridge before splashing into the stew.

Low Bridge, or is that Lola Brigida? From the less is more school or technology. I see 3 Zook panels...

Sometimes you have to put everything you've got into the climb.

And finally, how to take a good picture, one easy lesson. Line forms here.

See Y'all at ZookiMelt 2002!




08/11/10 15:32


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