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ZookiMelt 2001… A Photo Review

Photos and story by: Bob “Killer Bee” Norman

One of the fellow Zookers, Micah Wills, decided show us how to drop a Zook on it’s side. It actually was a fairly hard go over on the rock face near the river on Pink.

Micah approaching the last major step on the climb. Everything is going fine here… The front starts to lift, the back drops down and it still seems ok. But then, the rig torqued itself right over. Hard and fast. Note Tim Porter who was spotting next to the rig in the pic above has taken shelter behind a tree. He commits the cardinal sin… putting the hand on the ground to save the rig. Micah got lucky and didn’t get hurt, he retracted his hand immediately and I got lucky enough to catch it on tape. Jeff Pollock and Tim Porter rush aver and make sure Micah is ok. He was fine, pride bruised a bit. A volunteer (Jayson or Mark) helped winch the rig back on it’s feet and up the obstacle. And still winching.  Now finally back to the ledge and over it. Damage survey… quite a few new ripples in the panels now.

08/11/10 15:32


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