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ZookiMelt 2001... A Photo Review

Photos and story by: Bob "Killer Bee" Norman

The ZookiMelt Rock Crawl quickly turned into "Rock Rage" as cooler minds fell by the wayside and the Loonies prevailed.


It started innocent enough. Groups of folks gather to participate and watch....

Even the Track/Kick crowd got involved. The trick is to keep left of the paint and turn quick time.... ... and that is where it went bad. ....

...this kind of sums it up!  A little extra-curricular activities resulted in the Zook floppin on it's lid. The nearby spectators stood it back up and away he went. The competition has been changed considerably for ZM02, so it should be a safer and more controlled environment for all. But this was exciting!!

08/11/10 15:32


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