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Virtual Lift For the Samurai

“Virtul Lift ?”- Here is a way to add some wheel travel while keeping the inner wheel wells stock looking as well as eliminating know rust areas. When interior side panels are reinstalled all your work is hidden. The procedure for the rear is shown, but once mastered the front is easy to figure out


Remove the stock flare bracket carefully so it can be reused . The cuts were made with a circular saw and the tabs can be made bigger than mine if you desire. 

Bend over tabs. Basically, what you are doing is coming straight across, level with the top of the inner fender. Overlap the outer tabs over the inner tabs.

Inside view.  

Rivet the tabs together. Fiberglass over the tabs and give it a finished appearance. This picture shows how much space is gained.


This is a fully stuffed 35″er. Notice there is still about an inch to spare.


Outside view after the fiberglass is done. Finished and undercoated.


CJ flare as an example. Inside view. Completed. Looks good without the flare or one can be added.


Two more pictures of the completed flare without a flare installed. Yes my garage is a mess. That’s the next project!


  Picture of the front wheel well with the YJ flare   Finished rear wheel well with the YJ flare attached.

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