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Petroworks has been kind enough to give iZook permission to reprint this “Quick Fix” article. This is an article from a series that you can find at the Petroworks web site.  Look for down loadable video files in the future that will be provided by the great crew of Petroworks. Please visit their newly designed web site at Http:// 

Hesitation Problem Fix

Carbureted Samurais are known to exhibit a hesitation, bogging down, or flat spot during acceleration. The problem may be exhibited in any or all gears. In the Samurai, the problem appeared as a distinct lack of power at some points in the acceleration curve. If youve got a carbureted Samurai (using the factory Hitachi carburetor) this fix is definitely worth a try. It improved the Samurais performance significantly.

Tools required

10mm socket- or box-wrench to remove the air intake case nut4oz ball-peen hammerHomemade installation tool

Note: The home-made tool needs to be a simple tube long enough to allow you to hold the vent tube nozzle in place within the carburetor as you tap the opposite end of the tool with the ball-peen hammer. The tool also has to hold the vent tube nozzle snugly enough to prevent it from rotating out of position too easily when you drive it into place.

InstallationCarburetor, showing position of vent tube opening and clutch plate

    Remove the carburetor air intake case.

    Make sure to prop the choke plate closed so you dont inadvertently drop the vent tube nozzle into the carb throat. While closing the choke plate, be careful not to bend or damage the linkage.

    Remove any dirt or bits from the vent tube opening.

    Place the vent tube nozzle in your home-made installation tool.

    Be sure that the angled edge of the nozzle is up and align the base of the vent tube nozzle with the vent opening. Use the 4 oz. ball-peen hammer to avoid damaging the vent opening while driving in the vent tube nozzle. Carefully drive the nozzle into place until the shoulder on the nozzle bottoms out against the carb body.

    Make sure the carb plate is freed, then replace the air intake case, making sure to get the seal in position properly. Reattach any removed vacuum lines.

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