Wrenchin' with IZook with Larry Harris

 Rotational Dynamics has developed a new power accessories for our underpowered Zook engines. The under drive pulley from Rotational Dynamics. This pulley will provide a 25% under drive and weighs 3.51bs lighter than your stock pulley. These enhancements allow for increased power output by reducing parasitic losses. The pulley is made from 6061-T6 aluminum billet. Production units will be hard - anodized black to prevent   wear. The pulley weighs 3.5 lbs less then stock and provides a 25% underdrive. No loss of factory accessories function will occur. This pulley is not intended for highway use on any pollution-controlled motor vehicle.

Installation Instructions: 1. Remove fan and shroud (May not be necessary, but allows more room to work) 2. Remove accessories drive belts from factory pulley. 3. Remove the five metric cap screws attaching the stock pulley to the lower cam sprocket.  DO NOT REMOVE THE LARGE BOLT HOLDING THE LOWER CAM SPROCKET TO THE CRANKSHAFT. 4. Install the RD pulley on the lower cam sprocket. 5. Install the stock metric cap screws with the provided stainless steel washers. 6. Torque screws to 8 ft-lbs. 7. Install new shorter belts. Alternator: Dayco 295K4, AC: Dayco 350K4 8. Re-install the fan shroud.

Note: Check metric cap screws on pulley after 3-4 days and retorque if necessary.


4525 Industrial St #4J Simi Valley CA 93063 805-579-1084 Fax, 805-527-4566

*Update - Original manufacturer has discontinued production of this product.

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