bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the transfer case from the Samurai using the factory manual as a guide. 1 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Using a pointed punch, uncrimp the large center nuts on the input flange. Do not uncrimp the nut on the front out put flange as its removal isn't necessary. 2 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the center nuts. 3Click through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the flanges, using a gear puller if necessary. 4Click through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) With the speedo retaining bolt removed, pull out the speedo gear cup with the speedo gear. This is very important as the cases will not separate with the speedo gear in place. 5Click through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Unscrew the 4WD switch from the front case and remove the ball under it. 6Click through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Unbolt the front case, leaving the front output flange attached. Slide the front case off the shifting rods. 7Click through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Using a large screwdriver, shift the transfer case into 4WD-Hi range to eases disassembly. Note the alignment of the notches in the shifting rods indicating 4WD-HI range. 8 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the bolts holding the center case and rear case together. By tapping on the rear case tabs and the output shaft with a plastic hammer or wooden dowel, separate the center and rear cases.   9a 9BClick through for a closer look... bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Tap out the input shaft assembly from the center case. 10 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Pull the shaft bearings off the old input shaft. 11 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Press the bearings onto the new input shaft. Note how a flange can be conveniently used to stand the shaft on end. Set the new input shaft aside until later. 12 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the countershaft locking tab and tap the countershaft out of the center case. 13 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Release the counter gear, its caged needle bearing, spacer, and thrust washer. 14 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) With a pin punch, drive out the split pins of the shifter forks. The forks will now slide off their shifting shafts. 15 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Slide the  2WD / 4WD fork off the end of its shaft letting the 2WD / 4WD shifting collar clear the end of the output shaft assembly and drop off the fork. 16 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Tap the end of the output shaft assembly to ease it out of the center case, while sliding the HI / LO fork off the end of its shifting shaft. 17 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the circlip on the end of he output shaft assembly and pull the 4WD coupler, taking care not to damage the needle bearing pilot in the of the shaft. 18 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Remove the large bearing retaining clip, then pull off then large bearing. 19 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) The thrust washer and Hi range output gear will now slide off the shaft. Resembling the output shaft assembly is the reverse of dissembling it. Pressing on the pieces you pulled off. Once again, an out put flange can be conveniently used to stand the shaft assembly on end. To select the proper end shims for the input and out put shaft assemblies, first clean up any burrs in the bearing bores of the rear case and apply a light coat of grease. This lets the rear bearing slide into and out of the case easily.   20 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Put the center and rear case halves together without the gasket and WITHOUT the counter gear assembly. Squeeze them together so the bearing seat in their bores. Measure the gap between the gases with a feeler gage. Adjust the gap by adding or subtracting end shims so that it's even, and torque the case bolts to .014 and .018in. when you torque the case bolts the gasket will compress to.012. This will leave you .002 to .0067 clearance. Stick the final shims determined in their bores in the rear case with grease to hold them so they do not fall out. 21a 21b bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) Photo shows both counter gear thrust washers and end shims in place. Stick a counter gear thrust washer in place in the rear case with grease. You should be able to turn the rear case upside down and shake it without anything falling out. Now. stick one counter gear thrust washer in place, on its raised shoulder, in the center case using grease. Slide the counter gear thrust washer in sideways, engaging it with the input and output gears setting it on top of the thrust washer. Slide the new counter gear shaft "O" ring end first, through the counter gear and into the case bore until the slot for the locking tab is just sticking out of the case. Rotate the shaft to line up the slot with the hole for the retaining bolt. Install the lock tab and bolt. Slide one of he new cage bearings over the end of the shaft and into the counter gear. Next the spacer and finally , the second needle bearing. Be sure to install the spacer between the cage bearings. 22 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) This photo shows the center case with the gear set installed, ready to be covered by the rear case. Put the big gasket onto the center case face. Put the rear case over the ends of the shafts ands into place, taking care not to knock the counter gear thrust washer out of place. Tap the cases gently together. Put in the bolts holding the cases together. Put the small gasket onto the front case face. Bolt on the front case. Reinstall the 4WD ball and switch. Replace the flanges and nuts. 23 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes) The transfer case is now ready to reinstall in the truck and fill  with oil. 24 bullet1.gif (2696 bytes)


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