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Tim started this obstacle with both doors on... by the time he was done, the drivers door had gone away. The locking mechanism was so crunched, we had to open it from the hinge side. From this top view, you can see the 'V' notch that the vehicle had to land in after a twist to the right just before the top. This obstacle is called 'The Abyss'. It took several tries before it could be conquered. This is one of those wheelbase obstacles that put many of our vehicles at a disadvantage. You end up having to try and climb a ledge with the front -and- back tires at the same time.  When the driver tries this from any angle, they almost always get twisted around to face the ledges head on again. This is where brute power isn't going to get you up there without a little finesse and a whole lotta gription*. 

Gription (grip~shun) adjective: used to describe the immense traction needed to stick to the rock face like glue.

And eventually, even the most stout hearted have to take to the winch. That is why there are winch points at almost all of the major obstacles in these canyons.

The waterfalls don't stop coming at you all the way through this one. You can see two in a row in the picture to the right.

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08/11/10 15:39

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