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Samurai Steering Knuckle Rebuild a step-by-step 7 part series on how to rebuild your Samurai front end. - After some zany off-roading trips, Murphy noticed that gear oil was beginning to leak from his driver's side steering knuckle. Having never replaced the seals or bearings in the Tonka Toy, it was decided that we'd play it safe and repair both sides. Murphy did the drivers side first with me watching, then I did the passenger side

Samurai – DIY Steering Knuckle Rebuild

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General Maintenance on your Samurai - Some folks think automotive maintenance is just making sure the oil level doesn't get too low... the rest of the vehicle is just too complicated to worry about. Except that any vehicle that isn't maintained well will suffer a shorter lifespan. When my 13 year old decided she wanted to help dad with the Zook, she didn't even flinch when I started laying out the components for each part of the project.

Samurai – General Maintenance Getting Your Ride Ready


Make your Samurai Heater Work Again - The Samurai heater box seems to be a magnet for leaves and other debris. This plugs the top of the heater core, limiting the airflow, and therefore leaves you a little bit short when you need the heat. All you need to do is get the junk off the top of the heater core. Sounds easy enough, but if you try disassembling the airbox it becomes a huge job. Not to worry, there's always a better way....

Samurai – Cleaning Out The Heater Box


Installing Used Seats Into Your Samurai - My JX seats were starting to look pretty bad. After hearing, "'Bout time for some new seats, ain't it?" one too many times, I felt that it was time to do something about this. I liked the JX seats, so I checked with a local upholstery shop about recovering them, $300! Ouch! Wet Okole made covers for them, also a bit pricey for my budget.

Samurai – DIY Yet Another Junk Yard Seat Installation


Installing a 1.6 Liter Engine Into Your Samurai - Everyone knows that the stock 1.3ltr engine in a samurai is barely adequate as it comes from the factory, but when you start adding upgrades and heavy off road goodies it gets downright pathetic. The Grey Ghost project truck has had many of these upgrades and the old 1.3ltr engine (though helped along with a header and aftermarket exhaust) was ready for a replacement. Instead of just stopping at the typical 1.6/8v replacement, it was decided to just go the extra mile and replace it with a 1.6/16v model.

Samurai – How To Swap The 1.6L Into The Samurai

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