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NOTE :This installation should be completed in conjunction with the manufacturer's service manual. This article is not intend to replace the instructions shipped with the kit.


1. Drain oil, disconnect tail shaft, remove axles and the differential housing from the vehicle as per manufacturers maintenance manual.

pg3_3rddrainplug.jpg (21145 bytes)

Drain Oil

pg3flangeboltremove.jpg (23958 bytes)

Flange Bolts

pg3flangeremove.jpg (28724 bytes)

Remove Flange

pg3drumboltremove.jpg (25571 bytes)

Remove four nuts

pg3drumeremove.jpg (23673 bytes)

Remove Drum

pg3brakeline.jpg (21969 bytes)

Remove Brake Drum

pg3axleboltremove.jpg (21991 bytes)

Four bolts on Back Plate

pg3axleremove.jpg (25249 bytes)

Remove Axle

pg3_3rdboltremove.jpg (19357 bytes)

Carrier Bolts

pg3_3rdremove.jpg (22587 bytes)

Remove Third Member

2. Remove both bearing caps from the differential housing marking left and right then remove differential from differential housing. Remove ring gear and bearings from differential.

pg3_3rdlockbolt.jpg (22108 bytes)

Remove Lock Bolt

pg3brgcap.jpg (21324 bytes)

Remove cap bolts.

pg3carrierremove.jpg (23669 bytes)

Mark all components before removal

pg3oldcarrier.jpg (27974 bytes)

Old Carrier Assembly

Ring Gear 3. Fit ring gear to your new ARB AIR LOCKER differential. Note: Heat the ring gear in hot water or in an oven to 80-100C (175-212F) to facilitate assembly, ensuring mating surfaces are clean before assembly. Torque ring gear bolts to vehicle manufacturer's specifications using Loctite 290 on threads before tightening. 4. Install bearings on new ARB AIR LOCKER. Making the "big" hole 5. Mark the differential housing for convenient hole location of brass bulkhead fitting. While this location is not critical, the hole should be in the upper part of the differential housing towards the right hand side of the vehicle. This will allow the plastic air line to the compressor to be rBrass fittingun over the top of the axle housing, and  provide clearance of the bulkhead fitting and tube on the inside of the differential housing from the differential. When fitting an ARB AIR LOCKER differential to the front of the vehicle, the bulkhead fitting should be in the upper part of the differential housing towards the left hand side of the vehicle. Drill 11.2mm (7/16") dia hole and tap 1/4" NPT thread. Use cloth to protect pinion and pinion bearings from swarf 6. Install differential in differential housing ensuring bearing caps are the correct way around. Fit bearing cap bolts and finger tighten. Install standard bearing adjuster nut on ring gear side of differential. Install new adjuster nut supplied, with seal housing clamping plate behind on the other end of the differential. Adjust bearing preload and ring gear backlash and then torque bearing cap bolts to vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Air Test 7. Route the copper coated bundy tubing from the seal housing around the differential and through the tapped hole. Cut the tubing off level with the outer surface of the housing, using a tube cutter. Blow through to remove all swarf. 8. Install two o rings in outer grooves of seal housing leaving the center groove empty. Lubricate o rings generously with oil. Fit the seal housing onto the differential using a gentle downward twisting motion to avoid damage to the o rings. Ensure that it is centrally located around the journal. Fasten to clamping plate with three (3) unbrako cap screws using Loctite 290 on threads. Tighten cap screws evenly, ensuring again that the seal housing is central to the differential. Refer also to Technical Bulletin No. 5. Refit adjuster nut locking fingers. 9. Bench test the AIR LOCKER assembly before final assembly by applying 90psi shop air to the seal housing tube to make sure the assembly is leak free.

It works!10 a. Screw the lower compression nut into the bulkhead body. Screw the bulkhead body into the tapped hole from the OUTSIDE of the housing, feeding the tubing up the inside. NOTE: To obtain an oil tight seal use a thread sealant on the external thread of the bulkhead body. b. Slide the 3/16" ferrule over the copper coated bundy tubing. Screw in the central compression nut (making sure that the end with the thread undercut is down) and torque up, ensuring that the ferrule is tight on the tube. c. Refer to Compressor fitting instructions for correct procedure for fitting blue plastic tubing, using remaining Bulkhead Fitting components.11. Install differential housing, tail shaft and axles as per manufacturer's maintenance manuals. 12. Refill axle housing with good quality differential oil, referring to vehicle manufacturer's specifications for the oil type and quantity. Although the AIR LOCKER does not require any special gear oil, we recommend using a limited slip differential oil to maximize the life of all differential components. 13. If differentials are being installed front and rear, repeat the above procedure on the front differential.

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