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Camden Supercharger

I am installing a 1600 supercharger kit into my 1987 Samurai. The information for this series has been provided by Camden and Calmini. I have had the 1300 supercharger for several years, it has proven it self to be a very efficient source of "MORE POWER". I recently lost my 1300 power plant while coming back from a day at the dunes... It  was time for an upgrade. Why in the world would you want to rebuild when you can put in a larger engine? You can use this article to install a 1300 or 1600 supercharger kit into your Samurai. The steps are very similar for both kits.

The Camden Supercharger System utilizes a Roots-type supercharger developed specifically for automotive engine applications. A supercharged engine, when operating under boost, that is, with positive manifold pressure, will experience higher cmotor.jpg (19737 bytes)combustion pressures than a normally aspirated engine. This effect is quite similar to raising the compression ratio. As with any high compression engine, supercharged engines require the highest octane fuel available to minimize any tendency toward destructive detonation.

Camden Superchargers recommend that boost be limited to 4 - 6 pounds on an engine having a compression ratio of 8.5 to 1 when running on premium unleaded fuel of 92 octane. Engines with aluminum heads can often stand one full point higher compression ratio. If your engine has a lower compression ratio it is possible to increase the boost.

Fuel mixture is extremely critical when operating under full boost as a lean mixture can lead to detonation. The cooling effect of a rich mixture can prevent detonation under wide-open-throttle, full-power conditions. If managed properly, the slight loss of power due to excessive richness will hardly be noticed.

A supercharged stock engine does not have to be ?revved? as high as an un-blown engine to achieve superior performance. High engine speeds put an extra strain on reciprocating parts and should be avoided if maximum engine durability is to be achieved.

Horse power and torque increases of a least 30% should be observed. The Suzuki supercharger will accept the Weber two-barrel carburetor bolt pattern. As a supercharged engine can flow more total air volume than a stock engine, Camden recommends a minimum of a 250 CFM carburetor. Remember that a carburetor that is too large can be harmful to low-end response. This article is in two parts. Please visit the pages labeled Removal and Installation.



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