Steering Linkage Installation

Calmini Sterring Linkage Kit Part Number SS1582 kit eliminates the need for a drop pitman arm and it will improve on and off-road handling. The Steering Linkage Kit  was designed to improve or modify:

  • Turning Ratio -- It is changed by adjusting the ratio to 1/2 the number of turns on the steering wheel from four to two.
  • Bump Steer -- This kit removes all bumpsteer.
  • Power Steering -- Linkage steering will work with or without power steering.
  • Worn Parts -- Replaces worn or damaged parts improving truck handling .
  • Versatile -- Works well with the Calmini 5" lift or  most SPOA's. You can start with the 2 inch shackle reversal and "Grow" to the full five inch kit.
  • Heavy Duty -- The kit is made with .25" D.O.M tubing and it is fully powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Parts included in kit:

  • Idler arm with back plate
  • 4 - bolts with nylock nuts
  • Cotter pins
  • Long rod (tie rod)
  • Medium rod (idler to tie rod)
  • Short rod (pitman arm to idler)
  • 6 tie rod ends

Tools and Parts:

  • Tie rod end removal tool (puller or pickle fork)
  • Torque wrench
  • Hand tools
  • Tape measure (setting toe)


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Lift the front of the Samurai and support the frame on jack stands, relieving the stress of the front axle. Remove the plastic front splash shield.

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Remove the cotter pins from both outer front tie rod ends and the connection at the pitman arm. Using the proper tools remove the tie rod ends and the factory steering from   the Samurai.

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You may have to modify the inner fender well for clearance for he upper bolt of the backing plate.

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Locate the idler arm assembly with the (4) bolts and backing plate that are supplied. Bolt this to the passenger side of the frame rail with the arm straight up and down. Mount the arm with the edge of the base plate up against the radiator frame mount bracket.

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Install the shortest rod from the pitman arm to the top hole on the idler arm leaving the tie rod adjustment loose at this time. Make sure the tie rod is installed with the nut facing forward.

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Install the longest rod to the steering knuckles with the flat tie rod mounting plate to the driver side of the samurai, leave this loose as well. Make sure the larger side of the tapered hole in the flat plate is facing forward.

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Install the last linkage piece from the idler arm to the flat piece on the longest rod, depending how much lift you have will determine which hole on the idler arm you will use. 2" lift will use the top hole, 3 inch lift will use the middle hole, and 4" or more and you will use the bottom hole.


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With the steering wheel straight set the toe of the front wheels. Toe is set at 2-6mm.

Note: It is extremely important to torque all fasteners to factory specifications.

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Tighten the entire steering linkage kit including tie rod ends and cotter pins. The plastic front lower splash shield can now be reinstalled with some minor trimming.

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This kit is fully bolt--on and it works extremely well with power steering.

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