5. You are ready to remove the brake disc. It should pull off by hand, but if it's stubborn, turn 8mm bolts into the two threaded holes to push it away from the hub.  You should be spreading out all the parts on something like a sheet of cardboard to keep everything in order and avoid getting grease all over the garage floor.

6. Just a tip!! This is a greasy job. Wipe off tools between each use so you are not grabbing a nasty ratchet!

7. Remove the free wheeling hub cover -- the thing that says lock and unlock. 

8. Now you can clean the mayonnaise (well, that's what it is!! oil and water) out of the star shaped thingy better known as the free wheeling hub body.  

 9. Remove the circlip any which way you can. I used two straight screw drivers. Apparently, there is a proper circlip remover tool but Murph didnt have one. 

10. Take the star shaped thingy (free wheeling hub body) and wheel bearing lock nut off. 

08/11/10 15:09



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