11. The lock washer comes next. Now, it's bent. Don't worry, it's supposed to be! A hammer and chisel works just fine to straighten it out. Just use it like a can opener and GENTLY bend it towards the truck. 

12. Remove wheel bearing lock nut with the special tool...I call it a pair of channel locks and my hand!! No, really, there is a special tool that the higher powers call a Front Wheel Bearing Nut Socket, but it isn't really necessary.  

13. With that out of the way, the front wheel hub will pull right off the front wheel spindle. 

14. The big flat thing you see now is called the disc dust cover. Loosen the bolts, and take it off. We're going all the way, baby! To the front axle shaft, I mean!! 

15. The caliper holder and wheel spindle are going to follow right behind. They should come right off.

16. Take a break for a moment, and remove the oil seal and outer race of the inner bearing and outer bearing from the wheel hub. Don't worry, I am confused, too!!!  (Murphs note: What I think shes trying to say is remove all the bearing races from the hub and press the new races in while you have it fresh in your mind which way they go in.)

17. It's Kingpin time!! Very important...only loosen the bolts. Don't jump ahead of me and take them off. If you need some extra leverage, you may want to stick a piece of pvc pipe over the handle of your ratchet. I suggest pvc vs. metal because you'd rather have the pvc give way than break off a bolt. Of course, the pvc could shatter, so, if you're really cautious, wrap it in duct tape first.  


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