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Welcome to the Shop Tips Section  

Welcome to the long anticipated "Shop Tips" section. This section is devoted to Tips  and "How To" articles from  professionals and shade tree mechanics alike.  It is a collaboration of ideas from staff, customers  and readers from Petroworks and Gary Munck  has been kind enough to give iZook permission to reprint  "Quick Fix" articles from their website. These are articles from a series that you can find at the Petroworks web site.  Please visit their  web site at Http://  Join us in thanking Gary and his staff for bringing this much need information to the web and to iZook. Follow the links top and left  to reach the "Shop Tips" and articles for and about general maintenance items from some very knowledgeable people Have a topic you want to see covered here? Please forward all articles and ideas to  

Aftermarket ProfessionalsPlease visit all the great Suzuki Aftermarket suppliers who help to keep iZook online. Without them we would not have been able to publish all the great Suzuki information on this site!Aftermarket

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