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Spidertrax PRP Seat Kit Install

Click through for a closer look...Spidertrax has come up with a solution for the long known seat problem with the Samurai. No one has made a kit to install aftermarket suspension seats, until now. We all know the stock seats are hard on the bum. We also know if you want better ones you had to make your own adapters.

Spidertrax has solved these long known problems with the development  of one kit. Introducing the PRP Roadster Seat with Spidertrax installation kit. Have you ever wanted an aftermarket accessory that would install itself? This is as close as  you will ever come!

This is a very simple process. Visit the PRP web site and pick out your material color and trim package. Call Spidertrax and place the order. Want some better news? Tell them you read this article and pick up one of their Prototype kits for a good price savings. After the install, call Spidertrax and tell them about your experience and how the install went. None of our trucks are the same, we have all bent something on the trail. The Spidertrax crew wants to make sure their kit will fit in all cases.

Your bum will be happy you did!


Click through for a closer look...

  Out with the old. Remove the four number 12 bolts that hold the stock seats to the floor. Save all the pieces for Ebay.       Click through for a closer look...   Off to auction they go.


    Click through for a closer look...   Spidertrax has provided some very well written instructions with the Kit.

Click through for a closer look...

  The kits include all the hardware you will need for the Roadster Seats.       Click through for a closer look...   Finished! Both seats are put together in the same manner.       Click through for a closer look...   Here is a shot of one of the issues the Spidertrax kit address. How many of you have cracked seat mounted areas. These brackets will take care of the problem.       Click through for a closer look...   This is the passenger side. Drivers side is similar.       Click through for a closer look...   Bolt it all down tight. Not shown are the larger fender washers on the underside of the rear brackets.       Click through for a closer look...   Lets go wheeling! Source:

Spidertrax Inc. 7510 Hygiene Road Longmont, CO 80503www.spidertrax.com (800) 286-0898 Orders(303) 772-0033 Tech & Questions(720) 294-9950 Fax

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