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Samurai Box, Storage for the Zook


No leaks, no rust, no rattles. Sound like something you want in your truck? Adequate lockable and weatherproof storage space has always been lacking in the Samurai. JeepBox manufacturer of the SamuraiBox has solved this problem with its line of aluminum storage chests and consoles designed for the Samurai. Handcrafted from aluminum tread plate, their design utilizes lockable paddle latches, hydraulic gas struts, and  patented insulation injection process which insure that SamuraiBox will not rust, leak, or rattle. Whether your ride is a commuter to the office or school, or climbing the "Most Difficult" trail out there, SamuraiBox provides safe, secure storage to organize and protect all your valuables. 


sambox1.jpg (15553 bytes) Installation is a breeze! Remove your rear seat or any other items stored loose in the cargo area. Close the tail gate and open the lid of the chest box to verify proper fit. Adjust accordingly if the lid hits any obstructions.  sambox2.jpg (18675 bytes) If possible, it is recommended to use the existing rear seat mounting locations and bolts to anchor the chest box in to position. Measure and transfer existing rear seat hole locations onto bottom of the chest box. You may find making a template out of cardboard helps to ensure proper transfer. sambox3.jpg (15718 bytes) Drill holes in the bottom of the chest and install using existing rear seat bolts and the largest flat fender washers available for the bolt size. I have mine mounted with the  bolts from the seat lower mount. sambox5.jpg (13819 bytes) If you do not have your old seat hardware you can drill holes in the chest and through the floor pan and use new 1/2 inch bolts and washers.  If you are going to use this method make sure to look under the truck before you drill! This is a very important step. There are a lot of obstructions under the pan. When you drill do not forget that the gas tank, fuel filter and gas lines are under this area of the cargo bed.Source:

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