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A few weeks ago, while enjoying an afternoon on the trails with members of the iZook Staff, we encountered another group of vehicles. They weren't much for conversation -- they seemed to be more concerned with their image and equipment than anything else. Some tactless discussion continued, centered around brand loyalty, size of tires, among other things.

And then that one guy said it: "Yeah, well I took your MOM out for a ride last weekend..."

This upset me.  After all, this guy is offering to take my mother out on the trails and here I was, out here with my buddies and leaving her alone at home to tend to her gardening and whatever it is she does when I'm not emptying her fridge or annoying her pet bird.

A quick call to Larry and Terrina from the trails had everything taken care of. Terrina flew the iZook Helicopter out to Elmwood Park, IL, and picked up my parents -- dropping them off in the quarry area in The Badlands.

Mom had never done this sort of thing before, and was not a happy camper. The first thing she saw was Chester piloting his multicolored (visible from Neptune) neon Samurai down a vertical cliff. After some discussion and agreement of what would and would not happen with her in the vehicle, she agreed to go for a little ride with us.

As she flew out to Indiana, I asked her a few questions to get a feel for what her mindset was... 

SEASONED ROOKIE: What types of things would you like to do when you get here?

MOM MURPHY: Actually, it's more what I don't see myself doing. And that is hanging over the cliff like you did in that photo. And nothing over an inch per foot rise please.

SEASONED ROOKIE: Do you have a plan for what you're going to do if we get stuck?

MOM MURPHY: Scream bloody murder. This doesn't sound promising...

SEASONED ROOKIE: Based on what you've seen and heard, what do you think will be the point where you say "enough?"

MOM MURPHY: Probably when we're about 10 feet from the start line.

OK, maybe if we take a more pleasant, non mud-oriented approach...

SEASONED ROOKIE: What songs do you think would make a good soundtrack as you drive?

MOM MURPHY: Anything loud to drown out my screaming.

SEASONED ROOKIE: You don't seem to be overly optimistic about this... What about your automotive background -- what's the most memorable car you've ever owned?

MOM MURPHY: Well, the first vehicle I ever drove was a tractor. As for my favorite, it was a 1971 Mercury Cougar, with hounds tooth interior. Not too crazy though. I've only owned normal type cars - unlike my progeny who has a penchant for the paranormal.

SEASONED ROOKIE: Are you known for being adventurous?

MOM MURPHY: Did you forget who you are talking to?

As you can see, I had a tough crowd here. Not only did I have a non-believer, but also a non-wanter as well. I wonder if she was crabby because Terrina had her iZook Thugs strap her down using restraints so that she wouldn't jump out of the helicopter when they went through the drive-thru window to grab a bite to eat...

Tune in next month where we see the post-trail run answers as well as exciting ZookiMelt Follow-up Stories!

See you at the Melt! And remember your Cajun Yell! Ay-eeee!


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Murph The Seasoned Rookie


07/24/10 08:19


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