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Samurai Safety Brake Line Lockers

Need a sure way to keep your truck stopped on the trail? John McDonald, Pork Barrel Engineering has the kit you need! This is one of the most complete and well thought out kits I have seen and used. All kit components are labeled, everything you need is included with the kit, and I mean everything. This kit almost installs itself. 

The Samurai Safety Brake Line Lockers are very easy to use. While on the trail you need to winch someone off a tough obstacle. You want more then the stock E-Brake to hold your zook in position. How are you going to ensure it stays put? Truck is in position, the stock E-Brake is set, apply the brakes, flip the line locker red switch cover and turn the switch on. Two things are gong to happen. All four wheels are locked with up to 3000 pounds per square inch. Secondly your dash "brake" light will be on to remind you the system is engaged. Winch away, you now have twice the stopping power of the stock E-Brake.

Bottom Line:

Get them! This is one of the best thought out and easiest kits I have ever installed. When you open the box you can tell it was packed with care and thought.  The instructions are well done, easy to follow. If you have a basic set of hand tools, a little mechanical ability this kit is for you. 

How did it perform?

Now when I need the extra stopping power on a steep grade or in a winching situation I have it. I no longer have to depend on the stock E-brake holding just the two rear wheels. Flip the cover, hit the brakes, click the switch, and the truck is not moving, period!


Recommend Tools/Materials: Line Wrenches, 10 - 12mm, 3/8 - 7/16 3/16, 1/2" Drill bits  Electrical Tape Cutter w/Crimper 12-Volt Tester Fluid DOT-3 Marking Pens Factory Shop Manual  Basic Hand Tools Please read these instructions completely before starting the installation. Use no Teflon Tape or other thread sealants on any fittings. Make sure your truck is on level ground. Block the tires to ensure the truck can not move. If your stock E-Brake is functional, engage it. This kit is not designed to replace your stock E-Brake for daily use!! It is designed for off road use. The installation pictured is from a truck equipped with a Spidertrax proportioning valve. Select for larger image 1. Clean area around master cylinder and left fender well. Brake fluid removes paint so take precautions.  Select for larger image 2. With 10mm line wrench remove brake lines from master cylinder. Looking at master cylinder from left side of vehicle, the brake line on the right is the primary side, the left one is the secondary. It's critical that these lines are placed properly. Mark each line removed with pen "primary" and "secondary". Select for larger image 3. Mount line lockers with m/c side toward fender. With 10mm bolt and lock washer (provided) place in left mounting tab and use holes already there. Put ground wire under left tab on right locker. Leave bolts loose at this time. Select for larger image 4. Position existing brake lines under master cylinder and swing them to the right as you go. Be careful not to kink these lines. Move slowly but forcefully. Select for larger image 5. Attach primary master cylinder line (provided) from left locker (m/c side) to the right (primary) side of master cylinder. Hand tighten only.  6. Attach secondary master cylinder line (provided) from right locker (m/c side) to the left (secondary) side of master cylinder. Hand tighten only. Place unions (provided) on existing brake lines. Select for larger image 7. Attach primary brake line (provided) from left locker to the primary existing brake line marked "primary".  Select for larger image 8. Attach secondary brake line from right locker to the secondary existing brake line marked "secondary" in the instructions. Hand tighten only. You can adjust by bending the existing brake lines for a perfect fit. Select for larger image 9. Tighten all fittings being sure to hold one end of the fitting with a wrench while you turn the other. This is critical! Fittings on the lockers are pre-tightened so as not to damage the lockers. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN FITTINGS! Only if you have leaks do you re-tighten fittings. Tighten locker bolts. Drill 3/16" hole and use screws  (provided) to secure locker right side mounting tabs.  It can be very hard to get all the air out of the Samurai Brakes. I have found it best to start with a gravity bleed. Fill the master cylinder with Dot 3, then let it set for a bit with the bleeders open at each wheel. 10. Looking from rear of vehicle, bleed brakes starting with the left rear. Then the right rear. Then the left front. Finally the right front. Make sure you relieve air from each wheel, as all wheel cylinders will have air in them. Check to make sure you have at least the same amount of brake pedal as you had before. Repeat as needed. Select for larger image

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11. Run locker wires through firewall. (There are holes in the firewall with grommet already there. If you drill a new hole in the firewall, use a new grommet to protect wires). Find the bundle of wires leading into the fuse block. (see photo) Within that bundle, there is a large white wire with a yellow stripe. That is the main battery wire that feeds the fuse block. With a 12-volt tester, verify that the wire is hot. DISCONNECT THE GROUND TERMINAL FROM THE BATTERY!!!  Splice these wires to the power feed wire to locker switch and use yellow connector (provided) to connect ALL wires together. Bundle wires back up with electrical tape. Next, there is a plug right behind the fuse block. There are three wires. The red wire with black stripe is the brake light wire. Connect wires as shown. Connect all switch wires as shown in photo. Select for larger image 12. Drill 1/2" hole in dash as shown in picture. (seems like this spot was just made for this) Mount switch with safety cap. Make sure groove in switch lines up with tab on safety cap. Select for larger image 13. TEST LOCKERS. Start engine. Push brake pedal down and turn on lockers. Release brake pedal and try to move vehicle in first and reverse gears. If brakes don't hold, make sure there is power to lockers. NEVER PLACE YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE ON THE DOWNHILL SIDE OF VEHICLE WHEN LOCKERS ARE ENGAGED. IF POWER IS LOST TO LOCKERS, VEHICLE WILL ROLL. This device is for offroad use only.  In the event that lockers are engaged while driving, it may hinder your ability to stop or release brakes. Take caution not to engage lockers while driving. This device is for temporary brake locking only. Do not use as emergency brake. Follow all Suzuki factory instructions for safe vehicle operation. Failure to follow these instructions may cause personal injury.

Source: Pork Barrel Engineering             P.O. Box 240 - 100  Main Street  Calpine, CA.  96124

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