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On The Trail! with Tim Tackett North Coast Off Road

Rubicon Adventuress with NCO


While repairs on the Coal Mole were underway to replace the broken arm (spares are a blessing), several others took the opportunity to straighten drag links, top off fluids, and break for lunch.  With the trail being so narrow, the entire group was held up along with several unrelated groups in front and behind our group.  Once repairs were complete, and we were underway once again, it was decided to forego the stop at Buck Island Lake, and push on into Rubicon Springs before nightfall to allow plenty of time to set up camp for the night.

Coming around Buck Island Lake, the group had to traverse a steep incline up and over the Lakes Dam, and up a rock ridge to proceed on up to the Big Sluice area, which drops down into Rubicon Springs.

After everyone cleared the dam and ridge area at Buck Island Lake, it was on off down the trail to the Big Sluice, and some difficult obstacles to enter the Sluice itself.

Steve led the way into the sluice, were some more Pirate Rocks had appeared since the earlier run in the year, offering some not so easy lines to twist up the rigs. As each vehicle moved into the Sluice, each driver chose their own line based on the capabilities of their own vehicle, with Steve, John, and Junior acting as spotters.

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