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On The Trail! with Tim Tackett North Coast Off Road

Rubicon Adventuress with NCO



After the main group crested over the next rise, there before everyone in the distance was Buck Island Lake shinning like a jewel in between the mountains.  But, in between was some pretty tricky trail riding to get back onto the forest trail leading up to the lake.

The less radical trail that Steve led the rest of the group down was still full of switchbacks, ledges and drop offs, and plenty of off camber situations.

Sometimes it was even difficult to try and stand up outside the vehicles, as Steve demonstrates here while taking a few action shots of his own.


The trail continued to twist back and forth down the mountain until we arrived near the Lake elevation where the trail narrowed to a single file through towering pines.  Shortly after the two groups joined up on the narrow trail, gremlins once again struck the Coal Mole when its HHO steering arm snapped off at the first mounting bolt on the axle knuckle.




08/11/10 15:37


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