Rocky Road Outfitters Alternator Bracket with Larry Harris

Like me many of you  search the junk yards for a good deal. Often a good GM 90+ alternator can be yours for a song. You want to install in your zook, but you do not want to pay for an entire kit, after all you are a do it yourself zook owner! Rocky Road Outfitters has exactly what you need. They offer a very strong aftermarket mounting bracket that will bolt right up to your 1300 Samurai engine. You can make it work on a 1.6. The difference is that the mounting points on the side of the block are not all on the same plane with the 1.6. One of the mount points sticks out about 5/16 or so. You have to cut that tab off to make it work. there is still enough thread in the hole to place a bolt even after cutting the tab off.

You can also make the bracket work with the 10si GM alternator but it is It is designed to fit the 12si body. 

They  do not offer any other pieces but the mounting bracket itself. This is a do it yourself kit to keep the price down. Most people are scrounging the pieces needed out of salvage yards anyway so the pigtail is not a concern. The factory sliding arm works fine for the upper mount. Rocky Roads goal is to keep it cheap and simple.

Want it cheap, not afraid to wire and install it yourself? This is the kit for you!


Rocky Road Outfittershttp://www.rocky-road.com888-801-7271

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