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Rotary Engine Install: Part 1, Page 4

All is not necessarily joy in Mudville, however. With the motor sitting at the proper height, the pitman arm *just* misses the corner of the oil pan, but the drag link WILL hit it upon compression of the suspension. There's not enough room to use a "Z-Link" type drag link, either, so a drop pitman arm will be required: 

Oil pan to front differential clearance is tight as well.Although the diff sits behind the low part of the oil pan, the pan is still too low. A minimum of 3" of suspensionlift is going to be required, IMO: And on to the tricky part of this whole deal, extreme (RX-7) tranny length. You can see the tranny tailshaft on the left, and the Sammi tcase input flange on the right. There's about 4" between them:



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