murph Seasoned Rookie with Murph, The Seasoned Rookie - travels of a Suzuki enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Seasoned Rookie. Murph is our resident Rookie, sort of! Murph has been around Suzuki and off road for a few years now. To take his feelings in to consideration we have added Seasoned to his title.

This is a monthly column from his perspective, it may or may not have anything to do with Suzuki or off road for that matter. What it will be is entertaining, guaranteed!

Though he is a Rookie, Seasoned or not he has a wealth of information to share with us.

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From time to time I run into fellow Zook owners at various locations. One of us usually spots the other checking out the other's rig. The routine is fairly standard: We greet, identify our rig to the other party, and ask questions about the other. Recently in my travels I met with an older gentleman driving a Hopestar ON 360. Looking very much like Indiana Jones with a hat and whip, what started out as a polite greeting evolved into an hour long discussion at the coffee shop we had parked near.

Seasoned Rookie - Butt Sniffin'


...for many Zookers, there is that 'other' love issue. Around this time of year we may be expected to channel our funds towards things like a dozen roses, a nice dinner, or other silly romantic stuff like that. (editors note: Be sure not to miss the installment of The Seasoned Rookie series entitled 'Why AM I still single').

Seasoned Rookie – Love Thy Suzuki


Maybe you've only been a passenger in someone else's truck. It could be that you just bought your first Suzuki truck. Quite possibly, you've had yours for a few years now and have decided to see what 4-low is all about.  Whatever the reason may be, now is the time you have chosen to take your Zook on its first trail run. Some thought and preparation ahead of time could be a factor in what kind of day you'll have on the trails.

Seasoned Rookie – Trail Virgins

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