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Doors? Who needs doors!

Removable doors are an easy modification if you take your time to do it right. Besides really looking cool, they add to your field of vision when out crawling the rocks. All you need is a decent dremel tool, a dozen or so cut-off discs, and the help of a friend to hold the door.

Completed cut

The hinge is made up of metal strips held together on a single metal pin (figure 1.). Two of the strips are attached to the body (actually coming together as one piece) and the strip in the middle is attached to the door.

Figure 1 Figure 1 By cutting and removing the top strip and the portion of pin that it covers (figure 2 and 3), it allows you to lift the center strip (attached to door) off of the anchored (lower) section. Figure 2 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 3 Cutting the pin just a bit more and beveling it will allow for more room and an easier removal of the door.  The body of the Samurai sticks out above the lower hinge and gets in the way of an easy removal. Removing a little bit at a time will allow you to figure out exactly what the correct height of the pin should be. The bevel makes it easy on your aim when setting it back in place. Figure 4 Figure 4

Removable door strap The door will only come off when open. A set of quick release straps inside will allow for an easy removal process. I can remove mine in about 30 seconds and replace them in the same time. One thing I plan on adding though, is a set of tube half doors... There are a couple of really nice designs out there. Keep an eye out for a story soon.

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