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Rag Joint Replacement

Recently I installed power steering in my blue tintop Sammy. When I took out the steering shaft to drill out the plastic pins to collapse it per the instructions the drill drifted and the shaft would not collapse. I was forced to remove the shaft from my #2 soft-top and at that time noticed that the rag-joint was in pretty bad shape. I had a brand new one and figured when I reinstalled the shaft I would put in the new one. It was a relatively easy thing but figured I would share the little bits of doubt I had while doing it.

After removing the old rag joint this is what the steering shaft should look like.

The inserts should be taken out of the old joint and pressed into the new joint.

There are two straps that need to be placed on both sides of the joint under the mating surface.


This spring goes inside the rag joint between the metal plates. In the FSM it is called an horn earth spring. I am assuming it is to bring a ground to the steering column so the horn works.


In this view you can see how the strap looks from the steering box side with the steering wheel side of the joint is already installed. The strap will end up under the flange of the steering box connector.


This is what the completed rag-joint install looks like. You can see how the straps are under the mounting flanges. Note also that I used new hardware because the old hardware was very rusted.


A simple install for something that could strand you if it breaks. Remember to carry a extra rag-joint in your spare parts bag. The rag-joint is the designed weak link in the steering system to prevent damage to you steering components.


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