Project Number Two With Jim Bova

Back in October of 2001 looking through the Bargainnews (local sell 'whatcha got' paper) I spotted this '87 Soft-top Zook. Emailed the guy and he said he wanted $500 for it but it didn't run and he thinks it has a broken rod. I find out he is in the next town over from me.  Well, I never get a chance to get over there as the Holidays approach and kind of just forget about it. While on Christmas shut-down from work I'm again looking at the Bargainnews site and see the Zook is still there. Figure at this point the $500 dollar price is really flexible. Had to run an errand right by the guys house so I go on by and  check it out. First thing I notice is it has a aftermarket bumper. So I go to the door and the kid's father tells me he ran it low on oil and the motor is seized. I asked, will he take $300 and he says "O yea". I think he wanted it out of the yard.  He pops the hood and there sits a Weber and a Jacobs ignition. The thing had brand new stock tires and Rancho shocks. I figured the parting out value is more than $300. So the next day I get the $300 and give the local garage $55 to tow her home. So the saga of this Zook starts. She has been dubbed Number #2. Follow along as I see where this project goes. It may become my Daughters Zook in a few years or it may end up still being parted in the future if the almost non-existing budget is killed.



Front view shows the Smittybuilt Bumper   The interior is in pretty bad shape but  it does have the Factory Tach Dash       Side view showing the massive tires   The slightly rusted, corroded Weber       Another shot of the Weber   Jacobs Ignition. It's an Oldie. Time will tell if it works


08/11/2010 14:50



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